Covid-19 SYOD Checklist

What to Expect and What We Expect Checklist COMING SOON


Evaluations for our SYOD Teammates (over 3) AND Lil Deckers (under 3) are billed AFTER the eval has been completed at HALF PRICE a normal session.


This way we can introduce ourselves and review what goals you have as well as what we believe we can improve on.


After an eval, payment is due in ADVANCE for that calendar month to be scheduled with one of our SYOD Coaches.

What should we bring to the first session?

We ask that you please bring a towel, goggles and or their favorite bath or swim toy. 


If a child is under 3 we ask that they be in an approved swim diaper.


Regular diapers are not allowed to be taught in for safety reasons. 

How do I pay?

We accept Venmo OR Paypal. 

At the time of scheduling we will ask which method best fits your needs.

Monthly Billing Policy

We charge in advance monthly to secure your selected day/time with one of our Coaches.

There is a roll over for 1 emergency sick day per month IF your scheduled 2 or more sessions per week.


Anything less than 2 sessions forfeits any sick/cancellations and will require payment in full with no discount.

Please see the Cancellation Policy should you have any questions.

Weather Policy

We teach rain or shine.


If there is inclement weather and your SYOD Coach decides to reschedule the lesson we will do so at no charge.

Cancellation Policy

We ask our parents please give us at least 24 hour notice to any sick cancellations.


Should there be a scheduling error or sickness we grant one per month at no cost IF your scheduled for the 2 times per week minimum. 


The billing for your Sick Day will be carried over to your next month as credit. 

Should there be two cancellations in a month, the 2nd cancellation will be charged in full.

Should a Coach cancel the scheduled session we will credit any days or refund as needed.


Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out and we can clarify. 

Pool Temp Policy

All pools are required to be at a minimum of; 


Lil Deckers 87 degrees

SYOD Teammates 84 degrees and up 

Should we arrive and the temp be too chilly, we will have to reschedule as we don’t want your children or our coaches to get sick.

The pool temp reschedule will take place of the only monthly emergency reschedule that is free of charge. Should this happen a second time, the client will be billed and forfeit the lesson.

Swim Team Information

Our team practices are located at Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Recreational Pool. 

Teammates above the age 7 are welcomed to join, after an evaluation by one of our coaches. 

Our teammates are welcomed to compete at the annual SYOD Charity Swim Meet we have each year!

Booking a Lifeguard

Our office needs the following information;





Type of event

Amount of swimmers anticipated and any other details/needs you might have for us.

A non refundable security deposit is due prior to the scheduled event to secure a guard for that day/time.

The remainder will be billed after the event has ended.

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