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What to bring to your first lesson;

We ask that you please bring a towel, goggles and on their favorite bath or swim toy.

If a child is under 3 we ask that they be in an approved swim diaper.

Regular diapers are not allowed to be taught in for safety reasons.


Our first scheduled swim lesson is a swim evaluation. We are assessing your skill levels.

This way we can introduce ourselves and review what goals you have as well as what we believe we can improve on. 

Free 15 minute evaluations are available at our NoHo Location. All other evaluations are charged as individual lessons.


We schedule monthly. 

In order to secure your spot on the schedule we charge in advance monthly. 

GROUPS: The spots per coach are limited. 3 swimmers to one 30 minute session. If you take that spot you are committing to that session. 

There is a roll over for 1 emergency sick day per month IF your scheduled 2 or more sessions per week.

Anything less than 2 sessions forfeits any sick/cancellations and will require payment in full with no discount.

$20 per lesson fee for swimmers attending under the recommended times.

YOUR HOME: If you are scheduled and submit payment and are waiting on a coach to be selected for your swimmers we will return any funds if your not scheduled and started within 10 days.

Any days prior to your official start date that was paid will be used as credit for the following month.

If  we're looking for your coach, and it takes over 10 days to get you booked you can choose to be reinbursed OR stay at the front of the line and receive the soonest available coach. Once you're reinburesd that will remove you from the line and move the next person to the top of the wait list.

Please see the Cancellation Policy should you have any questions.


We accept Venmo, Paypal, Zelle or Credit Card.

We DO NOT do refunds. You can give your credit to another swimmer. Any makeups need to used within that year or you forfeit the amount.

Credits MUST be used in that year. No yearly roll over credits are given.

Cancellation policy;

We ask our parents please give us at least 24 hour notice to any sick cancellations.

The billing for your Sick Day will be carried over to your next month as credit. (This ONLY pertains to the swimmers who swim 2 x a week or more, those that don't meet our minimum do not receive any cancellations as credit. NO Exceptions.

Should there be two cancellations in a month, the 2nd cancellation will be charged in full.

Should a Coach cancel the scheduled session we will credit any days.

Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out and we can clarify.

pool temp policy;


Our pools are heated 80 degrees and up.


Lil Deckers 87 degrees

SYOD Teammates 84 degrees and up

The SYOD Swim Coach has the ability to determine if the pool temp is too chilly or too hot. ONLY the Coach has the ability to determine this. Should you think there is a drastic change in temp please talk to the office.

The pool temp reschedule will take place of the only monthly emergency reschedule that is free of charge. Should this happen a second time at YOUR POOL, you will be billed and forfeit the lesson.

Please note we teach rain or shine so you will need to dress accordingly to keep them warm if chilly or hydrate if hot. We want to keep the swimmer safe.


We teach rain or shine.

If there is inclement weather and your SYOD Coach decides to reschedule the lesson we will do so at no charge.

NOHO Location;

Street parking (please be mindful of residential neighbors)

There is no restroom on premises. 

Please follow signs to guide you to the backyard pool.

Please arrive promptly to insure the swimmer is ready to go before the lesson starts.

late policy;

NoHo - If arrive late we will fulfill your remaining time and can offer one makeup per month for swimmers over 2 x per week

The second time missed we will review your scheduled time and suggest a different time. We will charge in full for the 2nd time missed.

At your home - Our coaches are attempting to arrive on time, however traffic can be a variable. Please allow for a grace period.

Parking and Shuffle time;

If parking is not easily accessible and our coach has to walk far to the pool or valet is needed to park we will start the time at arrival.


Meaning client may be forfeiting lesson time. 

All valet rates must be paid by client NOT coach. 

Also closing the lesson will require time this will also be deducted from pool time.

prime time;

2 PM - 6 PM is Primetime!

This is the most sought after time on the schedule. These spots cannot be guaranteed, if you get them be mindful if there are a lot of cancellations we will give them to the next client waiting.


All of our Coaches are personally trained using the SYOD methods by Coach Britt.

We cannot guarantee specific coaches put we do try to keep the consistnt. 

We ask our clients to be open to all of our trained professionals. 

Booking a lifeguard;

Our office needs the following information;




Type of event

Amount of swimmers anticipated and any other details/needs you might have for us.

A non refundable security deposit is due prior to the scheduled event to secure a guard for that day/time.

The remainder will be billed after the event has ended.

party coordinator;

$350 One hour one coordinator

$475 Two hours one coordinator


$600 One hour two coordinators

$800 Two hours two coordinator

A non refundable deposit is required to book

Any questions let us know

All of our c

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